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Links of Interest

linkRead an introduction to Quaker beliefs and practices.

linkOur Faith and Practice.

Other Quaker Meetings with which we have close ties

linkPacific Yearly Meeting • The Yearly Meeting, of which SCQM is one of two Quarterly Meetings.

linkCollege Park Quarterly Meeting • The second Quarterly Meeting in Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Other Quaker Organizations in our area

linkFriends Western School • A Friends school under the care of Orange Grove Friends Meeting.

linkAmerican Friends Service Committee • Pacific Southwest Region, with offices in Los Angeles.

linkFriends Committee on Legislation • A Quaker lobby for California.

linkWestern Friend • The Official Publication of Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.

linkQuaker Bolivia Link • A Quaker Response to Poverty. Quaker Bolivia Link (QBL) is an international, non-sectarian development organization guided by Quaker principles and dedicated to reducing poverty among the indigenous peoples of Bolivia.

Other Quaker organizations and how to find them

linkA Big List • As close to a complete list as you can probably find on the internet

linkFriends Peace Teams • The purpose of Friends Peace Teams is to invite, challenge, and empower individual Friends and Friends churches and meetings to participate in Spirit-led peace team work locally and internationally.

linkAfrican Great Lakes Initiative of Friends Peace Teams • Strengthens, supports, and promotes peace activities at the grassroots level in the Great Lakes region of Africa (Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda).

Find a Friends Meeting anywhere

linkFriends Meetings • A list of meetings that is intended to be "canonical" (the simplest form of something).

linkQuakerfinder • Find a local Quaker Friends meeting.

linkFinding Friends Using the Internet by the prolific Bill Samuel.

linkLACCLatin America by the Latin American Concerns Committee of Pacific Yearly Meeting

Santa Barbara County:  
Santa Barbara Monthly Meeting  
Ventura County:  
Conejo Valley Worship Group (Thousand Oaks)  
Ojai Friends Worship Group  
Los Angeles County:  
Claremont Monthly Meeting  
Marloma/Long Beach Monthly Meeting  
Orange Grove Monthly Meeting (Pasadena)  
Santa Monica Monthly Meeting  
Whitleaf Worship Group (Whittier)  
Orange County:  
Orange County Friends Meeting (Irvine)  
Riverside County:  
Inland Valley Friends Meeting (Riverside)  
San Diego County:  
La Jolla Monthly Meeting  
San Diego Monthly Meeting  
Outside of California:  
Las Vegas Worship Group  
Under the care of Pacific Yearly Meeting:  
Guatemala Monthly Meeting  
Mexico City Monthly Meeting